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About Us

We are a platform that allows startups and talented individuals to meet on-demand. For startups, we position available roles to potential candidates focusing on fintechs, cleantechs, edtechs, medtech and agritech. For talent, we collect relevant qualification information and match them against the startup JDs. We maintain a database of highly qualified potential employees who can be matched in the future with jobs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect top talents from all over the world to team up with fast growing start-ups as well as businesses in Africa. We work with African start-ups to provide both short-term programs and remote job opportunities in Kenya and the continent. Tukoworks team will not only get you immersed in a different culture but also gain indispensable work experience that has an immediate impact in Africa.

Our Vision

We aim to increase awareness of the vast entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa. Promote businesses and help grow talent.

Our Values

Boldness,Innovation, Excellence, Unity, Integrity and Supremacy.

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In general. We make it easier for startups to find talent and for job seekers to find jobs at startups. For startups. We match startups with talent faster, affordably and with the right talent for growth and success For talent. We provide information on startup needs and existing jobs

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